Thursday, 28 August 2014

Outdoor screening of Caminata Nocturna in Bergen, Norway


Doppler presenterer: Caminata Nocturna (Nattevandring)

Uteprojeksjon under B-open 2014, lørdag kveld 13.september kl. 21.30-22.00 i havneområdet ved C. Sundtsgt. 51, 5004 Bergen. Kunstnersamtale med Karl Ingar Røys kl. 22.15-23.00 på Kunstnerverksteder CS55 (4 etg. C. Sundtsgt. 55).
Merk: døren stenger kl. 22.10.

Caminata Nocturna
To kanals videoprojeksjon/22 min

Karl Ingar Røys kunstprosjekt, filmen Caminata Nocturna, dokumenterer flukt og forfølgelse av ulovlige økonomiske migranter på den meksikansk -­‐ amerikanske grensen. Eller det er det den tilsynelatende gjør.

Dette kunstprosjektet utnytter nemlig spesifikt inautensiteten ved en iscenesatt grensepassering, turisthappeningen Caminata Nocturna, som et kritisk virkemiddel for nettopp å nærme seg det autentiske. I stedet for å forsøke det nesten umulige, å representere reell undertrykkende minoritetspolitikk, utnytter Røys den fiktive dimensjonen ved den iscenesatte turisthappeningen til noe mer forstyrrende. Det vil alltid være en risiko for at et prosjekt som dette lett kan reduseres til bare en kunstrefleksjon. Meningsforskyvingen og spillet mellom det reelle og iscenesatte som karakteriserer prosjektet, trues av at prosjektet også blir presentert som kunst i en utstillingskontekst. Men her blir dette avverget ved at prosjektet fordobler tvetydigheten mellom det virkelige og det uvirkelige. Umiddelbare sanntidsbilder som direkte representerer forfølgelse og tilfangetakelse i nesten reell tid, avdekker og framhever samtidig den hypermediale og spektakulære dimensjonen ved dette spektakulære turistprosjektet. Slik konstruerer Røys en fortelling om forfølgelse og pågripelse i Caminata Nocturna, som ved å utgi seg som en dokumentasjonsfilm (Cinema Verité) leker med og setter på spill sin egen status. Dette spillet gir paradoksalt nok fiksjonsfortellingen om en fiktiv grensepassering mulighet til å nærme seg og representere de reelle hendelsene som turisthappeningen så tvetydig iscenesetter. 
(Utdrag fra tekst av John Cunningham, London. Norsk oversettelse av Synnøve Skjong) 

Doppler is a video based artist group established in Bergen 2012. Our foundation is a focus on the media itself, time based, mobile art productions and researches in various urban landscapes. Doppler works in public spaces through announced and unannounced events. Our aims are to promote and exhibit video art to a broader audience through the use of public space, to articulate and mirror the medias changeable, intangible and mobile qualities. Doppler are: Bjørg Taranger, Kjersti Sundland and Maria Øy Lojo.

Doppler was established  with support from  Bergen Kommune and Vederlagsfondet 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Burmese Days

17 min. Two Channel HD Video Projection

15th August - 27th September 2014

Preview: Thursday 14th August, 6-9pm
John Jones Project Space
The Arts Building
Morris Place
Finsbury Park
N4 3JG London

Karl Ingar Røys’s latest work Burmese Days (2014) looks at cultural production in Yangon – Burma’s former capital – and how it has managed to co-exist within the political regime.. This multi-channel video installation takes its name from George Orwell’s novel of the same title. Orwell is seen as a prophet by the Burmese who regard his books as prescient: tracking Burma’s recent history from colonial oppression in Burmese Days, the socialist military coup in Animal Farm, to the tyrannical dictatorship portrayed in his most famous novel 1984.

Burma was ruled by a military junta from 1962 to 2011, which controlled all artistic production; censoring works including George Orwell’s novels and forcing galleries to seek permission for the artworks they exhibited. Røys’s Burmese Days occupies the aftermath of the 2012 media reforms and intimately portrays Yangon as a site where the personal and the political are overlaid. Drawing upon the real experiences of individuals who lived under the regime – from the punk vocalist with outspoken lyrics and the artist who makes work out of rubbish – Røys intertwines subjectivity into an uncertain reality.  Cassandra Newham, Curator

The soundscape for Burmese Days is recorded and produced by the London-based Austrian composer and sound artist Matthias Kispert.

This project has been made possible by: 

Thursday, 10 July 2014


14 August – 27 September 2014
John Jones Project Space
The Arts Building
Morris Place
N4 3JG

Friday, 25 April 2014

Oslo Open Artist Film Screening at Cinemateket

22 min
Sunday April 27 @ 12.00

Cinemateket Filmens Hus
Dronningensgate 16
0152 Oslo

Oslo Open
Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst
Atelier Nord
Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus (BOA)
Fotogalleriet / Forbundet Frie Fotografer (FFF)
Kunstnernes Hus
Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design
Norsk Billedhoggerforening (NBF)
Norske Kunsthåndverkere Oslo og Akershus (NKOA)
Norsk senter for teknologi i musikk og kunst (NOTAM)
Norske tekstilkuntnere/SOFT
Tegnerforbundet (TF)
Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS)
Med støtte fra
Oslo Kommune
Norsk Kulturråd
Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Saturday night only - Kunstkvarteret Lofoten

Performance, films, live music and talk. A small gathering of the Ar(c)ti(c) Tribes - 8 artists from Russia and Norway are in Lofoten for an Art Residency in Kunstnerhuset, Svolvær and Kunstkvarteret Lofoten.

The artists are: Per Kristian Nygård , Karl Ingar Røys, Maiken Stene, Karianne Stensland, Alexandra Galkina, MIKAELA, Haim Sokol and Grigory Yuschenko. Video screenings and presentations by Karianne Stensland, Maiken Stene, Grigory Yuschenko, Alexandra Galkina, MIKAELA and Karl Ingar Røys (Caminata Nocturna). Kristoffer Dolmen will play a piano solo. Eva Bakkeslaett's last film from Nikkel will be shown. Andreas Knag-Danielsen, current AIR at Kunstkvarteret in February, will have a perfomance: "FITSPIRATION" where he presents slogans from the fitness world and the ideals for perfect bodies. Saturday February 22 at 19.00 Kunstkvarteret Lofoten, Norway

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Gathering of the Ar(c)t(ic) Tribes

Seminar 14/2 - 16/2, 2014: "A gathering of the ar(c)t(ic) tribes” - Engaged Art and Art Activism. 
The seminar is organized by Nordland County Council in cooperation with the North Norwegian
Art Centre, Arts Quarter in Lofoten and RAM Gallery (Oslo).

Vladan Jeremic (Belgrade), artist
Rena Rädle (Belgrade), artist
Thierry Geoffroy (Copenhagen), artist
Ilya Budraitskis (Moscow), historian/activist
Elin Vister (Bergen), artist
Eva Bakkeslett (London), artist
Paal Andreas Bøe (Trondheim), editor/MA Literature
Anna Kindgren (Stockholm), artist/curator
Carina Gunnars (Stockholm), artist/curator
Ekaterina Sharova (Oslo), art historian
Allan Sande (Bodø), social anthropologist

Artist Presentations in the seminar by:

Norwegian artists: Per Kristian Nygård, Karl Ingar Røys, Maiken Stene and Karianne Stensland.

Russian artists: Alexandra Galkina, MIKAELA, Haim Sokol and Grigory Yushenko.

Performance, day 3: Trygve Luktvasslimo.

Moderators: Kristoffer Dolmen and Madeleine Park.


Artists have commented on political decisions and changes in society since the first protest art against war, for example, via Picasso's «Guernica» and 60-70’s political art. The socially engaged art has existed in parallel with all other directions through the late history of art, although it has received varying attention depending on the current “zeitgeist”. How does it look today?

At the same time it grows into a new political consciousness in the art in both Russia and Norway and in the rest of the world. The audience can easily see the biennials and art festivals around the world including Lofoten International Art Festival. Much of contemporary art is increasingly socially engaged and comments and analyzes the community it's in, not unlike the artistic movements we saw during the 60-70ies.

Lofoten has a long historical tradition of active artists who have come there to experience the nature, the light and the magnificent scenery. The landscape is still here, but the art that is produced has changed a lot since then. Today's contemporary art expresses more diverse themes than the art that was created in the late 1800s, and since then there has been created more opportunities for visiting artists.

Difficult and complex issues of finance, growth and environmental threats and sustainable future are very relevant, and give rise to emotional debate. No decisions have been made; there are public opinions both for and against. Maybe you can actually talk about a potential global crisis in a local paradise right now, in a phase when no one really knows what the future will bring.

The art on the other hand does not live in a vacuum, but is linked and connected to the society around it. How does it respond to current challenges and questions about the future?

What role can art have in such a complex and multifaceted as our contemporary?
Can art be used as a tool, a tool and both illuminate and understand the world we live in and the changes in it? Can artists and philosophers through the collective share experiences and ideas and find new strategies, new "tool combinations" to deal with complex social issues and increase our awareness?

The Seminar is supported by: Fritt Ord.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Caminata Nocturna @ Proyector 13. Madrid

En estos tiempos tan conflictivos para todos los sectores, y especialmente para el sector cultural, Instituto de Creación Artística [KREÆ] sigue apostando por difundir, transmitir e incluir en el día a día de los usuarios el videoarte. Y lo hace a través de este Festival en el que participan y colaboran, de esta misma ilusión  artistas, espacios culturales y gestores de todo el mundo, con un mismo objetivo: la difusión del arte contemporáneo, la creatividad y los nuevos medios de expresión.

Del 21 al 30 de noviembre la ciudad de Madrid se convertirá en la capital del videoarte en España, con la participación de nueve espacios culturales. La programación se podrá visitar desde el día de la inauguración oficial, 21 de noviembre, pero cada espacio tendrá un protagonismo especial con actividades destacadas.

Marcia Beatriz Granero, Javier Abarca, SinQuenza, Irene Paz, Raúl Hidalgo, Susana Ribuffo, Raúl García Collado,
Beatriz Pellés, Andrés Foglia, Olga Isla, Marta Goro, Blanca Giménez, Susana Ribuffo, Jorge Varela - Andrea Vázquez,
Daniel Raposo Montes, Verónica Moreno, claRa apaRicio yoldi, Rocío Pérez Belarra, Federico Martínez, Tomas Utillano Martinez,
Sara Benaglia, Ivano Talamo, Francesca Lolli, Anna Rose, Elliot Storey, Panagiotis Pnagiotakopoulos, Jurian Vermoolen, Martha Atienza, Stéphane Ghozzi, Carolin Weinert, Pourbaix Robin, Grant Petrey, Guli Silberstein, Wei-Ming Ho, Katarzyna Parejko, Tomasz Wlaźlak, Katarzyna Rumińska, Daniel Nicolae, Djamo Tytti, Mäkelä Amirhossein, Bayani Peyman, Shafieezadeh Dénes, Ruzsa Yutaka, Nozawa,
Karl Ingar Røys, Martina Miholic, Wang Haiyuan y Florian Rosier

Friday, 15 November 2013

Caminata Nocturna Screening @ Kunstnernes Hus Oslo

   One Night Only Gallery. Wergelandsveien 17. 0167 Oslo. Norway

Karl Ingar Røys’ Caminata Nocturna documents both the flight and pursuit of illegal economic migrants across the Mexico-U.S border.
Or at least that’s what it initially appears to document.

Røys’ art practice uses the very falseness of the tourist Caminata as a critical tool. Rather than attempt the impossible task of representing the real of repressive migratory politics Røys twists an already given facsimile into something more disruptive. There’s a certain risk attached to this since this disruption-necessarily contained within the work and within the gallery- always threatens to itself become a spectacular reflection. This is avoided through the doubling of the equivocation between real/ unreal, via blankly representing the chase and capture in a rush of almost real time images, hence both bringing to light and cutting through the primary indistinction of the hyper-mediated spectacle the tourist experience is an element within. Røys constructs a narrative of chase and capture in Caminata Nocturna that in presenting itself as cinema verite documentary plays with it’s own status as the fiction of a fiction.
Text excerpts John Cunningham, London

Thanks to Matthias Kispert, postproduction sound


In the ONO exhibition space

PETER MOHALL - If the bar ain’t bending you’re just pretending

Tuesday, 22 October 2013